Augmented Reality and Gamification

One of the more popular applications of Augmented Reality is gaming.

The Game Changer (Pun Intended)

Pokémon Go is one of the most popular Augmented Reality games to have hit the general public’s grasp. This game was a heavy-hitter because it was based on a name and franchise that many millennials know and trust. The product was also introduced on as an application on a device that just about everyone owns.

Why Augmented Reality Gaming Matters

The genius behind the development of the game has practically forced every emerging technology expert to take notice of Augmented Reality gaming as a serious industry. Previously, most people saw Virtual Reality as the sole revolutionary gaming platform, but the success of Pokémon Go and other games like Zombie Go and have taken the medium to new heights. Having a game that you can take into the real world is already amazing enough, but the games are influencing those of us who may like games more than exercise to get up and get active.

Does the “Go” in Pokémon Go mean anything?

This surge in activity can be attributed to Pokémon Go’s quests and methods of in-game advancement. For example, in order to earn experience for some of your Pokémon, you must walk a certain distance. This led to a lot of people aimlessly walking around their neighborhoods in an effort to advance in the game while unknowingly burning a few calories in the process. Now, some may ask: “Does it really count if they’re getting active because of a game and not just for the sake of wanting to live a healthy lifestyle?” To that, I say, WHO CARES?! People are getting up, getting out and exploring the world around them, or the 3D modeled overlaid world through their smartphones. And for all you life hackers out there, Yes, the app CAN tell if you are driving your car.

There will be no cutting corners.

Final Thoughts

All that I have to ask is “What’s next?”