The Next Steps with Augmented Reality

Where Do I Want To Go With Augmented Reality?

I’m not entirely sure whether or not I want to get into developing Augmented Reality, but I sure do think it’s cool! I’ve been muddling with the idea of taking up Vuforia as another Interactive Media hobby. Being limited to 3D models for AR development seems very restricting.

My Augmented Reality Fears

However, I’m pretty confident that AR development tools like Unity will find a way to make the means that we are currently using obsolete in a few years. Another fear that I have is that a company like Adobe will find a new more accessible way to develop AR that will, unfortunately, saturate the industry. My fear of the AR industry saturation could be a silly one, but we’ve seen film evolve from a niche activity. A sector that previously sported a high learning curve has transformed into a brand new medium. The majority of the people use this new medium to connect with the outside world.

What I’m Optimistic About

The idea of being able to take an environment and slap it on top of real-life sounds like something out of science fiction. Unfortunately for the skeptics, that technology is here, and it is taking off. My hope for AR is that it’s potential will be explored beyond general monetization of the experience. The reason why I became interested in AR was that I saw that it could change experiences.  Transforming the educational, purchasing and operation experience can potentially affect everyone and the way that the world operates. I see AR as a present-day social network in terms of potential. This technology can change the world,  and all we need to do is figure out how.