Mapping the Brain with Augmented Reality

Uhh.. is this possible

Yes, mapping the brain with the use of Augmented Reality is certainly possible. There are still some kinks to be worked out in the technology. And as we all know, all emerging technologies require a boatload of money to gain any worthwhile exposure. I recently discovered this.. umm concept or thing during a conversation with my professor Dr. Moner.

(SN: you should really check out the link on his name, as I navigated to his twitter page to find the link, I found myself captured by a tweet thread where Tweeters continuously made dry puns about Rick and Morty)

He told me that some of his colleagues in the psychology department were using Virtual Reality to map the brain. When he explained this to me I thought: “No way.. that’s not a thing, this isn’t the Jetsons” , but sure enough a Bing search revealed that Virtual and Augmented Reality Brain Mapping is certainly a thing!

Augmented Reality Applications in the Brain get better!

What was even more exciting about my findings were that not only were people using AR to map the brain, but they were doing so with educational intentions! Here, some folks used an Augmented Reality brain to help people remember the different parts of the brain. They also have games to analyze the brain’s responses to auditory stimuli and even one where you catch a ball against an artificial brain that might be smarter than you.

On a more serious note, the ability for brain professionals to map the brain outside of the skull has incredible potential. The amount of medical and educational advancements that AR brain mapping can create are exponential.

As much as I would LOVE to go to Med School, residency, and fellowship. My dreams of starting my own augmented reality brain poking and mapping practice will have to remain just that. I’ll leave the innovation to the professionals and support their big ideas every step of the way!


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